Training underpins our work and is the activity that connects everything we do. It is where the learning from research, implementation and advisory finds a coherent and useful form, relevant to others trying to make sense of complex sustainability challenges. We tailor customised on-site workshop and training programs for businesses, government departments and NGOs to meet the unique needs of each organisation.

Our tailored programs help organisations build cultures where integrity and sustainability are core considerations. There is no single formula. Every context presents its own unique challenges. We bring to each project our deep understanding of the key issues and considerations, and a readiness to find individual solutions. Committed to creating cultures of purpose in which principles are aligned with social justice, corporate accountability and environmental stewardship, we work directly with our clients and their suppliers to identify tangible, measurable steps, and design and implement tailored sustainability solutions and product-led initiatives.

Our training also helps businesses make a case for change and demonstrate measurable impacts, helping your organisation to:

  • Build buy-in from senior leadership and/or investors
  • Clarify key issues
  • Build stakeholder engagement
  • Link Sustainability/CSR activities reporting to organisational strategy.

We are available for corporate retreats, strategy sessions, team meetings and other events worldwide.