We unlock the positive potential in supply chains to maximise benefits to our customers by combining a deep understanding of ethical trade, labour rights and sustainable development issues with a firm grasp of commercial realities and sourcing practices. Focused on positive social and environmental impact, our supply chain solutions not only deliver business value, but are also inclusive, resilient and transparent.

There are an estimated 29.8m slaves and 215m child labourers globally.[1] [2] Businesses everywhere are under increasing pressure from stakeholders and policy-makers to address modern slavery and child labour issues. The Australian Government’s Modern Slavery Act is currently being drafted, informed by the Attorney General’s Public Consultation Paper and Regulation Impact Statement, Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Reporting Requirement, and the Interim Report of the Current Inquiry into Establishing a Modern Slavery Act (MSA), Modern slavery and global supply chains. It will apply across the global supply chains of all businesses with revenues above AUD$100 million.

In complex, multi-tier supply chains, gaining greater visibility further up the chain is integral to reducing risk and improving labour standards. We can help to identify and remediate the severity of any issues in you organisation’s supply chain/s.

We work closely with suppliers to create meaningful collaborations and to ensure their principles are aligned with social justice, corporate accountability and environmental stewardship. Improved productivity can result, improving product quality, lowering the risk of harsh treatment and excessive working hours and boosting worker satisfaction. Other business benefits that can result include: proactively managing risk; increasing credibility through enhanced stakeholder and supplier relationships; and driving long-term positive change.

We help design, develop and implement impact assessments to measure the results of specific improvement programs and projects. Measuring impact is central to demonstrating return on investment, advancing your corporate responsibility agenda and sharing concrete progress with stakeholders


[1] International Labour Organisation (ILO).
[2] Global Slavery Index.