Sustainability Makes Sense

The regulatory environment is increasingly responding to social and market pressure for corporate transparency and governance. Demand for sustainability evaluation, monitoring, reporting and training is growing, not least due to the strong correlation between sustainability and economic performance. We build strategies adapted to each client’s specific challenges.

Social and environmental responsibility and profitability are not incompatible, but in fact are wholly complementary. Businesses that give priority to improving their sustainability culture unlock the value of intangible assets, which can include: consistently demonstrated ethical behaviour, rich relationships, and the management of divergent sources of knowledge, insights and approaches. Adoption of a sustainability culture can also have a significant material effect on a company’s risk profile, performance potential and reputation. While some practices add competitive advantage, others will decrease competitive disadvantage – an analysis of corporate fines and settlements demonstrates the financial impact of neglecting sustainability issues.

Committed to creating cultures of purpose in which organisational principles are aligned with social justice, corporate accountability and environmental stewardship, Sustainability Solutions helps its customers commit to ongoing ethical and sustainable operations, responsible investment, innovation, risk management and opportunity through our sustainability evaluation, monitoring and reporting services. Anchored in realistic thinking and supported by clear, tangible, actionable targets, we offer detailed insights on specific topics, based on extensive research and proprietary data. We analyse each customer’s challenges in depth, providing both strategic and practical support, responding to precise needs, and offering tailored advice to optimise and measure sustainability policies and processes, as measurable impact is central to demonstrating return on investment, advancing a sustainability agenda and sharing concrete progress with stakeholders.

How We Work

Demand for information and guidance on sustainability reporting is rising. We are a truly singular consultancy with the inherent benefits of being both deeply informed and truly agile.

Understanding that breaches of ethical and social responsibilities put organisations at risk of reputation damage, intervention by regulators and diminished customer and community support, we bring practical, immediate, structured, precise, evidence-based evaluation, monitoring, reporting and training programs drawn from leading, international best practice to meet our clients’ sustainability needs.

What We Do

Working closely with our customers to identify, measure and communicate sustainability risks and opportunities, we help them to build strategies adapted to their specific challenges, anchored in realistic thinking and supported by clear, tangible, actionable targets.

Focused on positive social and environmental impact, our supply chain solutions not only deliver business value, but are also inclusive, resilient and transparent.

We can tailor a bespoke program to build a culture of integrity in your organisation.

How Sustainability Helps Your Business

Businesses with strong sustainability systems in place show better operational performance with less inherent risk, and that sustainable investment strategies consistently outperform comparable non-sustainable strategies:

  • 90% – of relevant studies show sound sustainability standards lower the cost of capital;
  • 88% – of relevant studies show positive correlation between sustainability and operational performance; and
  • 80% – of relevant studies show positive correlation between sustainability and financial market performance.


[Source: Clark, Gordon L., Feiner, Andreas. and Viehs, Michael. 2015. From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder: How Sustainability Can Drive Financial Outperformance. Oxford University and Arabesque. March 2015.]

Our Services


Based in Sydney, but truly international, Sustainability Solutions provides a full suite of research, advisory and advocacy services, including sustainability monitoring, evaluating, reporting and training.


The Four Frameworks

Four frameworks underpin our work and connect everything we do: the soon-to-be-enacted Modern Slavery Act (currently before the Australian Parliament as the Modern Slavery Bill); the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards; the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and the FSB Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TFCD).